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The University of Tennessee has a long history of archaeological research in the Tennessee Valley, beginning before construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) reservoirs. Over the years the large projects allowed UT archaeologists to develop basic interpretations of past Native American and early Euro-American lifeways in the region. In addition, the TVA/UT archaeology program led to the establishment of the Department of Anthropology in the 1940s and the Frank H. McClung Museum in 1960. The extensive archaeological collections resulting from nine decades of field investigations by UT archaeologists are curated by the Department and the Museum and continue to be an invaluable resource for professional and student research, and for public programs and exhibits.

The Archaeology program at UT continue this tradition of research in the Southeast and beyond.


Barbara Heath began her tenure as President of the Society for Historical Archaeology this January.

Recent Publications

George D. Kamenov; Ellen M. Lofaro; Gennifer Goad; John Krigbaum. (2018). Trace elements in modern and archaeological human teeth: Implications for human metal exposure and enamel diagenetic changes.